After Iris left to grab a coffee, Barry briefly left and had a conversation with Iris as the Flash. The others quickly got her out while Wells stalled Wade. He is the son of the late Henry and Nora Allen, the foster son turned son-in-law of Joe West, the husband of Iris West-Allen, the brother-in-law of Wally West, the best friend of Cisco Ramon, the close friend of Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Kara Danvers, Ralph Dibny, Sara Lance, and the late Oliver Queen, a friend of Kate Kane and Jefferson Pierce, and the archenemy of Eobard Thawne. Barry's time remnant, Savitar, possessed his original self's morals and value but also his painful memories and darkness within, as evidenced when returning to S.T.A.R. Shocked and hesitant by the identity this girl claimed to be Nora tried to convince everybody of her identity as Barry and Iris' daughter. The three speedsters then sped towards the plane while Cisco got a better angle on the situation in an effort to Vibe them onto the plane. Kid Flash stole the piece from S.T.A.R. Barry and Iris continued to talk about Iris' article. In the original future that Eobard Thawne hails from, Barry became a veteran and experienced hero, who don't use time-travel for selfish and personal reasons in order to preserve the timeline. Patty asked if it could've been by a meta-human but Barry told her it wasn't. DeVoe used Kilg%e's powers to hack the S.T.A.R. Labs, they realized Shawna Baez was also involved. After everything failed, Barry got desperate and grabbed Iris to say goodbye and apologize for his failure. Arriving in a barn Barry and Ollie breach directly in front of Lois, who threatened them with a hammer. In jail, Kara chastised Barry and Oliver for their handling of the situation. As they watched Joseph perform they were interrupted by the arrival of two metahuman criminals looking for Barry, but Barry was horrified to see they were the Earth-2 versions of Caitlin and Ronnie. Oliver using his powers quickly drew a sketch of the two men and a building Wayne Enterprises and concluded they needed to go to Gotham City.[70]. This does not stop Barry from suspecting him and his wife Marlize, and Barry becomes very suspicious of them. They recruit Kara to assist in figuring out the reality change and after defeating a super android known as A.M.A.Z.O. Labs team took Linda on a practice run. Realizing that the new timeline was worsening his friends, Barry released Eobard to let him kill his mother. Labs to Barry in his will, yet six months after the issue with the singularity, Barry had still not dealt with the mail he'd been getting regarding the property.[1]. Knowing that the Speed Force would try to kill him because of the paradox, Savitar went to a park on Central City's outskirts with Killer Frost and the Speed Force cannon in hand. La mère du jeune acteur canadien Logan Williams est persuadée que son fils était promis à une brillante carrière devant les caméras. Barry then confirmed his father's prediction that he is indeed the Flash. later informed Team Flash that Savitar was not a God after all but an armoured man with super speed.[93]. After finding out that the Samuroid and the meta-humans were created by Clifford DeVoe, he and Joe interrogate him, without finding something incriminatory. Labs, Barry said his goodbyes to Felicity, though he later chased after her and hopped on her train. Believing that the threat of the Anti-Monitor was over, Barry has a talk with Sara Lance. Tracking the Nazis to a shipping depot, some of the heroes attacked but after some time they were defeated. However doing so made him emotionally uncontrollable, so he is locked up for some time. It is also revealed at the end of the episode that Nora works with Thawne and he sent her back to time to meet her father. However, before the results came in, his cover as a crime scene investigator working for the police was blown by Oliver just after he and Felicity began arguing over a news report about the mass particle accelerator. In the timeline where Eobard Thawne hails from, when he conducted research into the flash such as his origins and enemies he battled in his career as a hero. Barry went on and created speed mirages but Dr. Light sent a blast of light around her, knocking Barry away. Outside a man met them at the door in front of a car. Suddenly, "Iris" transformed her arms into swords and started to fight, cutting Barry across his face.