Enjoy the educational privileges, including the access to the best libraries. Skip to content. Go on line to Cisco courses, world leader of network technology, and perfect in networking field at your own pace. [7], The third year is the first year of engineering studies, where students learn the fundamentals in information technology and software engineering. You can make an individual appointment with the Campus Director by writing to lyon@supinfo.com Lyon is located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône. With about 475,000 inhabitants, including 67,000 students, Lyon is the third largest city in France. Découvrez Lyon autrement ! Third year students are known to say that "sleeping is cheating" and usually remember this year as their most painstaking year at EPITA. En plus des 36 Campus situés partout à travers le monde, SUPINFO International University met à la disposition de tous son Virtual Campus. Ce Virtual Campus permet à ceux désirant devenir diplômé en Informatique avec SUPINFO, de suivre leur cursus - identique à celui dispensé dans les campus physiques - depuis chez eux, et de passer, en fin d'année, leurs examens. Nadège AUMONT ), covering all areas of IT, digital and management. Ecole FACTORY. Découvrez Lyon autrement ! SUPINFO International University, higher education of information technology, makes innovative online tools available to all its students for learning throughout their curriculum. No problem, there are many ways to cultivate at a lower cost! Even without a penny, you can enjoy the lifely Lyon! 1920 : Foundation of the school "Telegraphy School of Bordeaux". Enter the student community of Microsoft and get access to online learning tools, as well as the free downloads of the latest Microsoft software. Share. Visitors can then freely meet students, teaching staff and of course the management team of the Campus. This year, the graduation ceremony was held in the Pavillon Baltard in Paris for the year 2013 graduates, with the presence of CAVALLARI Gilles, Vice-President of Monster Western Europe. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. It's going very well, the team was friendly and I learnt a lot. You go to a place where you don’t have internet connection? [5], In June 2013, EPITA becomes member of the Union of Independent Grandes Écoles, which includes 30 grandes écoles.[6]. /*